Wake Forest University - INACTIVE

This site for Wake Forest University is no longer available for payment plan enrollment. To sign-up for a payment plan, please follow the new steps below. 

Steps to Enroll( Students)

- Go to www.wfu.edu/sfs
- Log into your WIN account
- Under WFU Agreements, click on WFU-NBS Agreements
- Click on Set  Up a Payment Plan
NOTE: Students, you must invite your parents or others as Authorized Payers for them to sign up for the payment plan. 

Steps to Enroll ( Authorized Payers)

- Students will need to login into Enterprise using the first three steps above
- From the Nelnet Welcome Page click "Add Authorized Party"
- The authorized party will receive an email to log in and set up plan or make a payment
- Authorized payers can manager your account at www.nbspayments.com after being added by the student 

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.