Surry Community College

We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to pay through Nelnet Campus Commerce for Surry Community College. 

Simple Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan:

NOTE: Students MUST be enrolled in curriculum courses to set-up a payment plan

For the Student:

1. If you are a New User please select "Create a username & password" to begin. 

Returning Users, Sign In with your Username or Email and Password. 

2. Click on the Set Up a Payment Plan. 

3. Select the appropriate term. 

***To use your own financial account, click Begin

***To use a financial account other than your own click on 'Want to designate another payer?'

4. Complete the steps as prompted. 


For Person Other than the Student:

1. The student will need to designate you as an Authorized Payer following the steps above. 

2. Once this is complete an email will be generated with a link to log into the system. 

3. From there you can complete a payment plan or make a payment on the student's behalf. 

Enrolling in a Nelnet Campus Commerce tuition payment plan allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs. If you would like to view the plans offered by your school, please visit 


Through Nelnet, students may set up a Nelnet Campus Commerce Tuition Payment Plan to pay tuition/fees through a third-party; Surry Community College does not accept partial payments.

Through this plan, students have the option to pay in monthly payments through automatic deductions from a checking or savings account or to a credit card.

Please note, if you wish to make a full payment, that should be done through your KnightLife account, otherwise you will be charged $30.00.

Pay on My Account (Pay in Full - One Payment)

Fees do apply, as well as the following rules/regulations:

Nelnet Campus Commerce Tuition Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan is for students receiving in-state tuition rates only. Out-of-state students may enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan provided they will be paying the out-of-state tuition rates. (Note: Out-of-state students seeking in-state rates through their NC Employer do
not qualify for the payment plan). Students MUST be enrolled in curriculum courses to set-up a payment plan. 

  • Please be sure to include the full student id number of the student when enrolling in the
    payment plan.
  • Books cannot be budgeted using the Nelnet Campus Commerce Tuition Payment Plan. This plan is for payment of tuition and fees only.
  • Payments are set up at 0% interest with a $25.00 per semester enrollment fee (this fee is drafted immediately from the account you choose when enrolling in the payment
    plan). This fee is non-refundable.
  • Surry Community College (SCC) is not responsible for any non-sufficient fund charges incurred as a result of enrolling in the Nelnet Campus Commerce Tuition ​Payment Plan.
  • I am responsible for notifying the SCC Business Office for any changes in my enrollment status so my agreement with Nelnet Campus Commerce can be adjusted or terminated.
  • I am responsible for notifying the SCC Business Office to terminate my agreement when my financial aid is awarded (if applicable).
  • I agree to allow the SCC Business Office to adjust my account with Nelnet Campus Commerce if my financial aid award changes and/or does not cover my total bill.
  • I agree to allow the SCC Business Office to adjust my account with Nelnet Campus Commerce if I fail to enter the correct amount to be budgeted.
  • I agree to allow the SCC Business Office to adjust my account with Nelnet Campus Commerce if my enrollment status changes.
  • In the event that I am only registered for one class and it is canceled by Surry Community
    College, it is my responsibility to notify the Business Office so that my agreement can be terminated. This will ensure a 100% refund of my enrollment fee (if applicable).
  • If I terminate my agreement or my agreement with Nelnet Campus Commerce is terminated for any other reason, I must pay my tuition and fees to Surry Community College immediately. Failure to pay tuition will result in transcripts/grades not being released and future registration will not be allowed until balance is paid in full. 
  • Refunds of payments to Nelnet Campus Commerce will be handled in accordance with the normal college refund policies. Refunds will be in the form of a check payable to the student, not the responsible party on the Nelnet Campus Commerce agreement. This includes payments made by credit card or ACH. 
  • Failure to pay fees owed to Nelnet Campus Commerce, or otherwise defaulting on my agreement with Nelnet Campus Commerce, will result in a hold being placed on my account which will deny future services. 
  • I understand that any missed payment will result in a $30.00 fee imposed by Nelnet Campus Commerce each time a payment is attempted from my account. 

By proceeding with the agreement set-up portion, I agree that I have read and understood and agree to these terms. ​

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.